So you’re probably asking yourself -- what's included in this Downsizing with Style online course, Nancy -- my BSF (Best Style Friend)?

Well, ladies, it’s your lucky ducky day!

I’ve created seven complete step-by-step training modules to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to downsize your living footprint with ease and style to create your dream living scenario. 

Full confession. I had to learn this stuff too. 

No one wakes up one day and suddenly has the talent, drive and desire to whip your home into shape. Let me walk you through the lessons I learned from some major trial and error beginning nearly 20 years ago when I was undergoing a major home renovation. I’ll also be sharing the challenges of conceiving and executing a new, simpler way of stylish living in smaller homes that’s strange enough, I learned from living in a super-sized house two decades ago. 

Keep on reading IF . . .

  1. You're frustrated by the process of weeding through your belongings and feeling unsure about what to keep or toss.
  2. You're discouraged because you're not quite sure how to put a room together in a way that reflects your style and still feels comfortable.
  3. You're lacking confidence in your ability to pull your new space together in a cohesive way and need guidance and examples of how to do it well.
  4. You're curious about how downsizing guidance can simplify the process and provide valuable advice on items that are "size appropriate" for smaller living spaces. 
  5. You're struggling when you think about organizing a smaller space with the items you use and need and eliminating the rest. What if you might need that in the future?

Well, voila! Here I am to save the day (or week, month-s, years or the rest of your flippin’ life)! 

YOU are precisely the reason I created this course. 

The information I learned through blood, sweat and tears along my downsizing journey was too good NOT to share with others. Once you learn what I’m about to show you, you can take to the bank -- almost literally. I can save you from making the costly mistakes when . . .

  • Shopping for new items 
  • Tossing something you now need and shouldn’t have thrown out to begin with
  • Losing your mojo because you lack the know-how and support you need
  • Attempting to get the damn job done.

I got you.

The lessons you'll learn in this course can be passed on in your own home(s) and shared with those you love. Just ask my daughters how much they love my decorating ideas for their single pads. Ok, maybe not today -- they're only 21 and 24, but someday they will. Right? 

I feel so grateful for the education I received during my home renovation.  I learned the art and science of downsizing, purchasing items that made more sense for my new space, and learning more about getting my house in order than I could have ever imagined. I got the equivalent of an advanced degree in Downsizing with Style with each of my seven moves. I only wish I had this kind of road map when I started this process nearly 20 years ago. 

This step-by-step digital course walks you through everything you need to know to create a right-sized home for the way you live right now and what's most important to you. I’ll help you to downsize your home -- so it’s downright stylish!

What's included?

  • Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable).
  • Facebook Live meetings with me twice per month after the course launches. Recordings are available if you are not able to attend live.
  • We have a full support system to answer ALL of your questions as well as a community of other amazing people with the same goal to downsize their home with style. We're all here to help support one another and exchange ideas and help you solve your downsizing and decorating dilemmas. 


Value Proposition:

My primary focus is on helping you to get organized, repurpose existing pieces and choose necessary new items for your home with style and function. The ultimate goal is to make the process of downsizing less stressful resulting in a classically fashionable home that’s uniquely YOU in less time with no financial mistakes. Done and done!

Through a behind-the-scenes view of the process that I’ve lived through myself and with my peeps (clients) several times over and tweaked along the way -- you’ll see me in action. I am living this formula, getting down and dirty, sharing potential pitfalls along the way that I've learned and benefited tremendously from, so I can teach the down and dirty of what truly works – and what you want to avoid (like the plague).

Through a mix of step-by-step strategies, simple formulas and methods, layered with love and direct feedback, I'm your biggest champion and honest mentor -- your BSF (Best Style Friend). 

Join me on this journey and learn:

Week 1: Modules 1 & 2

Module 1: Access the Situation

What you’ll learn:

  • How to embrace where you are now and what it affords you

  • Identify the items you love and want to keep but may need a place to live

  • Identify the things you can let go of

  • How to take action and make decisions more quickly

Module 2: Order in the House through Effective Organizing 

What you’ll learn:

  • Begin organizing the most challenging rooms first -- one step at a time. 

  • Find a place for necessary items in your home.

  • Know where to purchase organizational items that you need -- when you need them. 

Week 2: Modules 3 & 4

Module 3: Make a Plan

What you’ll learn:

  • Where to start when overwhelm sets in

  • Understand what resources are available to you 

  • Begin with the end in mind and commit on a calendar

Module 4: Function Over Form

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify the purpose and value of the room’s function(s) and style your room around the function first

  • Understand color, pattern, texture in paints, fabric, wallpaper and carpeting’s impact in a room

  • Keep or replace utilitarian items we use almost daily (so you don’t have to buy things over and over again)

Week 3: Module 5 & 6

Module 5: Decorating Pearls of Wisdom

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s your decorating style? 

  • Classic decorating tips that offer timeless style

  • Tried and true rules of thumb that I learned through trial and error

  • The importance of good bones and architectural interest

Module 6: Putting it Together

What you’ll learn:

  • Furniture scale and layout guidelines.

  • What do to when you’re not sure how to choose decorating or renovating choices

  • The process of renovating and/or repairs and where and how to begin.

Week 4: Module 7

Module 7: Let's Go Smart Shopping! (for Necessary or Coveted Items Only)

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify the items you truly need for your new smaller space

  • Where to shop for items you need

  • High Versus Low Project: For every high-end option, there is a more affordable one -- where to find them.


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